Join hands with Antar - While you cover your body you can also cover the planet from getting deteriorated. 

  • Growing hemp requires fewer pesticides and herbicides than cotton or flax (which are estimated to consume 50% of all pesticides).Pesticides can easily seep into water sources such as rivers, oceans, and ponds after being sprayed on land. If pesticides contaminate a body of water, they can harm aquatic life fish, frogs, insects, and others) as well as anyone who consumes them.
  • Hemp can grow in a wide range of environments and soil types. It grows deep roots that help to hold the soil together. As a result, soil erosion is reduced.
  • Hemp, in fact, increases the microbial content of the soil. And the incredible benefits don’t end there.
  • Unlike cotton, hemp production uses very little water. It requires half as much water. As a result, it aids in addressing the issue of water scarcity.
  • It is a tough plant that grows faster than cotton. Not only that, but when compared to cotton, hemp can produce 200-250 percent more fibre on the same land.
  • “When compared to cotton, hemp fabric is stronger and does not break down. In fact, it softens with repeated use and washing. Hemp innerwear may appear a little rough in the beginning.“
  • Another advantage of hemp fabric is its durability and strength. You can wear Hemp innerwear on a regular basis and wash it without fear of losing its elasticity or comfort.
  • It wicks moisture... absorbs sweat four times more than cotton/ Breathable & Super Comfortable, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Microbial thus Anti-Odor Durable with high tensile strength 
  • Eco friendly (No harmful Pesticides)/ Bio Accumulator/ Reduces soil pollution, Softer with every wash, Thermal regulating & Blocks UV

There are enough reasons Hemp can give you to go green which no other yarn or fabric can provide. Are you ready to #Bethechange with Antar?