What we wear under our clothes has a lot to do with our personalities. 

Antar is India’s Pioneer brand that will make your innerwear experience one of the most memorable and lovable ones. Yes! We will make you wear Hemp and not just that we will make you fall in love with it too!  We set out to create seriously comfortable undergarments, one that would allow you to feel naked while keeping you protected, and softness has been our guiding principle in that endeavor. 

We not only aim to give you the best inner wear experience but also to give you India's first ever Hemp made innerwear. Super Comfortable, Breathable and Anti-bacterial because Hemp wicks moisture. It absorbs four times more than cotton. The silky soft micro nylon waistband gently embraces the waist.

We arrived at a unique blend of Hemp infused with Lycra in body responsive fitting that envelops you in a touch of lightness after several grades of development. To give you the comfort and freedom you need while wearing your innerwear, after considering various natural fibers like Bamboo, Soy, Banana and many more for two years we finally developed a product that can outstand all other natural fabrics and give the one wearing them a breezy and easy feel. 

We know when we say, Hemp! It piques your interest. In addition to being a naturally air-conditioning fiber, hemp fibers are known for their superior antibacterial properties, high durability, and superior resilience. Furthermore, hemp grows quickly, uses little water, and does not require any fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides.

The use of Hemp makes Antar unique. Hemp is a plant that can be used in all of its parts, including the stalk, seeds, and flowers. It is a crop that is friendly to the environment, long-lasting, and climate-adaptive. Hemp can be grown without pesticides and uses significantly less water than other crops such as cotton. It is also more productive per acre than other crops.

It is also very diverse. Hemp can be refined and used to make a wide range of commercial products, including pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, biofuel, food, beverages, furniture, construction, personal care, and animal feed. What a wonderful plant! Owing up to the wonder properties of Hemp, Antar is all set to be the revolution in the undergarment industry.

While comfort is still our primary concern, the importance of protection in underwear cannot be overstated. All Antar intimates have been finished with a 100 percent heavy metal free Bio Wash , with your health in mind. Furthermore, all of our dyes are completely free of Azo compounds, a known carcinogen that is widely used in the industry. We promise you to give you the softest and purest inmate experience. Feel it while you wear it.