Textile Industry is Changing

by Himaksh Kashyap on Jan 06, 2022

Finally, the fashion industry realizes they cannot continue this trend in a world where the rising population will have to devote more land to food — or even energy. They cannot continue to grow cotton like mad, nor can they endlessly spin fossil fuels into polyester or other synthetic fabrics. But while the fashion industry wants to help the planet—the apparel business creates around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions—companies are also responding to consumer demand for products with more sustainable origins.

The road toward more sustainable fibers will be a long one with plenty of failures and misses, but it is one they need to take. To skirt that problem, more clothing companies are focusing on sustainable fiber. According to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's 2019 ”Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report”, 75% of consumers view sustainability as very or extremely important. Half of shoppers said they would switch brands if a competitor is more environmentally and socially directed.

Companies who have either committed to create or have already set goals under the initiative include: Chanel, Gucci-parent Kering S.A., PVH Corp., Nike Inc., Puma SE, VF Corp., Hennes & Mauritz, Eileen Fisher Inc., Guess? Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., Gap Inc.,  Zara's parent company Inditex S.A., Uniqlo's parent Fast Retailing Co., and One Jeanswear Group, makers of denim brands such as Nine West, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Bandolino. Among retailers, whose sales include fashion, and are part of the initiative, are Walmart Inc., Target Corp., Tesco PLC, Marks & Spencer Group, and Carrefour S.A. 

Globally brands are opting for sustainable fabric. Zara has recently announced to use only sustainable fabric by 2025. Innerwear industry is choosing Organic Cotton over normal cotton but still cotton is not the best solution as it is a water guzzling crop. There are a few brands in US which are using Hemp/ Bamboo Cotton mix rayon for innerwear. Some are selling in India as well through Ecommerce

Indian consumer was waiting for a brand who offers sustainable fabric innerwear. Bamboo & Micro Modal addressed the need a bit but still there was no Hemp Innerwear brand in India. ANTAR has filled the gap by launching India's First Hemp Innerwear. Hemp Underwear protects your private naturally.

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